MobileDaRt Evolution EFX

Premium digital mobile X-ray system


Combining clinical feedback with the most advanced technologies, the brand-new MobileDaRt Evolution EFX adds evolutionary steps to mobile X-ray imaging.

  • New wireless FPD generation CXDI-401C, CXDI-701C and CXDI-801C
    provides unmatched freedom in portable X-ray imaging
  • Maximum efficiency
    through tripple connectivity of FPD’s
  • Lowest dose for patients
    assured by newly developed FPD technology
  • Saving time – X-ray images displayed within two seconds
    and forwarded wirelessly to hospital network
  • Low chassis height
    ensures excellent forward vision
  • Advanced comfort and safety
    during bedside operation even under difficult conditions
  • Highly versatile solution
    for patient wards, emergency rooms, intensive care units, traumatology, orthopedics and pediatrics



Superb, highly acclaimed mobile system with smooth operability, high responsiveness and easy mobility

The MobileDaRt Evolution EFX offers plenty of useful functions to simplify the operation flow.

  • “All Free” buttons 
    Pressing any of the “All Free” buttons releases the electromagnetic locks for arm rotation, arm extension, and vertical movement of the X-ray tube, thus enabling simple one-step positioning.
  • Counterbalance system 
    Accurate and smooth positioning is available through a counterbalance system, allowing for easy positioning and exposing.
  • Optimum working height for operator comfort 
    The drive handle can be raised in four different stages, making it easy for taller operators to move the system.





Next pioneering development in digital radiology: wireless FPD’s

  • Wireless FPD makes handling easier
    Wireless FPD’s make it easy to keep the system sterile in the operating room or infectious diseases ward. The system offers excellent positioning, with no concerns about cables.
  • Ideal field of view
    The new CXDI-401C with a field of view of 42 x 43 cm and the CXDI-701C (35 x 43 cm) are ideally suited for large examination areas. With its field of view of 27 x 35 cm, the CXDI-801C provides benefits mainly for orthopedic and pediatric examinations, e.g. in incubators of perinatal centres.



    CXDI-401C (42 x 43 cm)        CXDI-701C (35 x 43 cm)        CXDI-801C (35 x 27 cm)


  • Low dose for patients
    The wireless flat panel detectors incorporate a newly developed glass substrate which provides a pixel pitch of 125 microns. The caesium iodide (CsI) scintillator has the highest possible sensitivity which assures the lowest possible dose for the patients.
  • Image reviewed within two seconds after exposure
    Display images in just two seconds which is particularly useful in emergency rooms (ER) where time is critical for saving lives or reducing paralysis. The ER staff can see diagnostic images on the on-board reference monitor for preliminary diagnosis, allowing treatment to continue without delay. Unlike CR which requires reading and repositioning, DR enables examining a large number of patients in a relatively short time.



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