MobileDaRt Evolution MX7i

Premium digital mobile X-ray system

The brand-new MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 merges clinical feedback with the most advanced technologies, thus adding evolutionary steps to mobile X-ray imaging.

  • High-class wireless FPD generation
    provides unmatched freedom in portable X-ray imaging
  • Maximum efficiency
    through multiple connectivity of FPD’s
  • Lowest dose for patients
    assured by advanced developed FPD technology
  • Smart seCURE functions
    allows to work more efficiently, thanks to automatic power consumption control
  • Saving time – X-ray images displayed within two seconds
    and forwarded wirelessly to hospital network
  • Advanced comfort and safety
    during bedside operation even under difficult conditions
  • Highly versatile solution
    for patient wards, emergency rooms, intensive care units, traumatology, orthopedics and pediatrics


“Category Leader” in customer satisfaction survey

The Shimadzu MobileDaRt Evolution digital mobile X-ray system has been favorably received thanks to its excellent maneuverability, reliability, performance and ease of positioning. To date, more than 3,000 units have been installed. In a customer satisfaction survey by KLAS Research, a U.S. based Research Firm, this system has been named "Category Leader" in the field of digital mobile X-ray systems, for three out of the last four years (with the first award presented in 2011). This is truly an internationally top rated product.
Responding meticulously to the needs of the clinical environment, Shimadzu has continued to refine the MobileDaRt Evolution, providing excellent travel performance, operability, and high image quality, to the development of this new system, which further increases reliability and efficiency. This system, which not only improves the workflow of the X-ray technologist but also reduces the burden on patients, will further support quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment at medical sites.


Superb, highly acclaimed mobile system with smooth operability, high responsiveness and easy mobility

The MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 offers plenty of useful functions to simplify the operation flow.



Wide imaging range

The MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 has a long stroke on its ultra-long arm (up to 1,200 mm), making even the most difficult imaging situations accessible. The cross-arm is freely rotatable 270º in either both clockwise and counter-clockwise. There is no need to reposition the unit in narrow spaces.

Counterbalance system

Accurate and smooth positioning is available through a counterbalance system, allowing for easy positioning and exposing.



»All-Free« buttons
Pressing any of the »All-Free« buttons releases the electro-magnetic locks for arm rotation, arm extension, and vertical movement of the X-ray tube, thus enabling simple one-step positioning.



»Inch-Mover« buttons
The system can be moved forward or backward by using the bedside drive controls located on the front of the collimator.

New energy saving collimator with a bright irradiation field
LEDs have been adopted to the light source to indicate the irradiation field. This reduces power consumption while improving brightness and durability.



Integrated design for easy clean-up
The built-in 17 inch large display is excellent for quickly reviewing images, and the fully integrated design is easy to clean-up after use.
Large image storage capacity
A large storage capacity provides peace of mind when performing repeated radiography. A 3000-image storage capacity in the main unit makes it easy to reference past images and quickly compare images before and after surgery.
Minimal startup time for emergency needs
System startup takes only one minute, and the system is immediately ready for use for emergency needs.
Designed for daily use
The system provides extra storage spaces for wipes, pens, markers etc. A groove has been added for holding the FPD vertically while a sterile cover is put on the unit.



Choice of different FPD types to match individual clinical requirements
A range of FPD models are available to meet a variety of clinical needs, such as the physical size, sensitivity, and data transmission. Detector sharing between multiple units or adding different size FPD provides full clinical flexibility. The combination of liquid-resistant and the lightest weight FPD makes the daily handling much easier.

Wireless FPD makes handling easier
Wireless FPD’s make it easy to keep the system sterile in the operating room or infectious diseases ward. The system offers excellent positioning, with no concerns about cables. Monocoque structure made from CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) allows FPD cover to be strong and light.

Ideal field of view
The SL-DR 1717HQ with a field of view of 42.5 x 42.5 cm and the SL-DR 1417HQ of 34.9 x 42.5 cm are ideally suited for large examination areas. With its field of view of 24.6 x 29.7 cm, the SL-DR 1012 HQ provides benefits mainly for orthopedic and pediatric examinations, e.g. in incubators of perinatal centres.


High sensitivity compact FPD for pediatric care
The compact FPD fits inside the cassette tray of an incubator, which enables imaging neonatal baby or infant. High sensitivity FPD helps reducing radiation exposure, and the ability to capture images quickly provides powerful support for pediatric care.



Image reviewed within two seconds after exposure
Display images in just two seconds which is particularly useful in emergency rooms (ER) where time is critical for saving lives or reducing paralysis. The ER staff can see diagnostic images on the on-board reference monitor for preliminary diagnosis, allowing treatment to continue without delay. Unlike CR which requires reading before repositioning, DR enables examining a large number of patients in a relatively short time.

Easy output of DICOM data to network
Standard MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 features include support of DICOM Worklist, print, storage and MPPS (option). Output data in DICOM format to a laser printer, image server, or viewer using the provided LAN connection. The optional wireless network connection provides even greater freedom for communication to RIS or PACS while moving the unit.




Auto brightness adjustment
Auto mode adjusts ROI by histogram analysis for each body part. Peak mode can process it with B peak and W peak.

Free rotation
Arbitrary angle rotation is available by simple operation. An image taken in diagonal direction can be straight up for easy review.