»Klinikum Oberlausitzer Bergland« clinical center First Sonialvision G4 in Europe installed

Radiography and fluoroscopy system underlines hospital’s role as an innovator

Duisburg, June 24, 2014

As the first hospital in Europe, the clinical center “Klinikum Oberlausitzer Bergland” in the city of Zittau, Germany, has installed Shimadzu’s Sonialvision G4 radiography and fluoroscopy system. With this installation the clinical centre emphasises its focus on the latest technological developments in radiological diagnostics and its role as an innovator – an important signal also regarding medical care in rural regions. Shimadzu, the global manufacturer of diagnostic imaging systems, was awarded the

contract in a tender procedure. The “Klinikum Oberlausitzer Bergland” clinical center is located in the federal state of Saxony which is the most south-eastern region of Germany. The hospital has 485 beds at two locations. The Institute for Radiological Diagnostics performs approx. 58,000 procedures per year. Although the number of examinations in diagnostic radiography and fluoroscopy has decreased, the clinical center, a general hospital, continues to provide the latest radiological examination equipment for its patients.

“The new R/F system Sonialvision G4 fully meets our requirements on a modern multi-functional X-ray device”, explains Dr Gerold Gerlach, head physician of the Institute for Radiological Diagnostics. “Thanks to the large dynamic flat panel detector, all usual indications at our hospital can be covered with this system, e.g. examinations of oesophagus, stomach, small and large intestines. Further areas of application are fistula and port imaging, paediatric radiology and conventional X-ray diagnostics”, says Dr Gerold Gerlach. The flat panel detector currently is the largest one available (42 x 42 cm) and offers the highest resolution (139 x 139 μm).

Elisabeth Benedict, head radiographer, appreciates Sonialvision G4’s high level of operating convenience. The intuitive software offers many post-processing options. The system provides fast and high-precision long-view images of the spine and the lower extremities in outstanding image quality. The dose for X-ray images of standing or lying patients is optimized. The wide examination table, which can be adjusted to a very low position, is particularly suitable for immobile and overweight patients.

The multifunctional Sonialvision G4 can replace conventional workplaces in the clinical center at short notice in the event of their failure. The latest equipment technology thus secures first-class in-patient and out-patient care for the next few years.

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