The first Shimadzu Sonialvision G4 R/F system in Denmark

New images at the hospital

Duisburg, December 7, 2014

With a length of about 30 km and a width up to 8 km, Ærø is one of the Danish Baltic Sea islands. Recently, the local hospital got equipped with a most modern X-ray system from Shimadzu, world-wide manufacturer of diagnostic imaging equipment. It is the company’s first Sonialvision G4 equipment in Denmark and meets the hospital’s needs regarding flexibility, efficiency, and operability.

According to Ole Gilberg, head of the X-ray department, the “new exciting equipment has a lot to offer.” It will bring the X-ray quality up in a whole new league. Equipped with the largest available FPD at 43 x 43 cm and an advanced digital imaging platform, the Sonialvision G4 covers the widest possible range of examinations and provides an excellent image quality. The Sonialvision G4 universal R/F table outperforms other R/F systems.

Before Ærø hospital installed the new system, they had to let go of the CR-machine, which has been shooting diagnostic images of the Ærø patients for 15 years. Today, the Sonialvision G4 offers a wider range of functional and technological options. Ole Gilberg: “Earlier it took 10 minutes to produce a photo. Now we can present an X-ray picture in two minutes with the new equipment. This means a lot when we have trauma patients from a car accident, for instance.” Furthermore, a higher number of patients can be examined on the island instead of having to get on the ferry to Svendborg, the next bigger town on the island of Fyn in south-central Denmark.

First in Denmark

Fujifilm is the company which distributes the Shimadzu’s products in Denmark. Several representatives attended the inauguration of the Sonialvision G4 at Ærø hospital. Trine Damø, Medical Sales Manager at Fujifilm Denmark, sees many advantages in the new equipment: “For example, it is distinguished by taking pictures in slices, called tomosynthesis.

Where on the old equipment it could be difficult to see a fissure, and the patient was sent by ferry to a CT-scanning to another hospital, this equipment supports an easy and fast diagnosis by using the tomosynthesis function of the G4.”

Shimadzu’s premium application software offers the most recent improvements for diagnostic imaging. It supports useful applications, such as multi-slice imaging (tomosynthesis for general radiography), slot radiography as well as DSA & real-time and motion-tolerant RSM-DSA, which are all options to extend Sonialvision G4’s functionality. The reduction of radiation dose plays a particularly important role for pediatric studies.

Further dose reduction is achieved by an easily removable grid and an into the beam path retractable copper filter.

Ole Gilberg summarizes that the new multifunctional X-ray room supports the Ærø hospital team with a full range of R/F examinations. The robust X-ray table allows bariatric studies with a patient load up to 318 kg in horizontal position “I prefer the fully flat table top and built-in cable system of the x-ray table. This is good improvement in terms of hygienic and workload” says Ole Gilberg. The system is the first in Denmark and will therefore be used as a reference when new customers want to see how it operates. So not only patients will come to see the new X-ray equipment.SEG-1

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