Flexavision F3

Fully digital R/F system with portable FPD
Novel multi-functional 3-in-1 system

January 24, 2012

Shimadzu Medical Systems has released the new fully digital Flexavision F3 with portable dynamic flat panel detector (FPD). It is suitable for fluoroscopic as well as radiographic applications. The FPD has a large field of view measuring 35 x 43 cm and offers a multitude of examinations – from barium enema to gastrointestinal, non-vascular radiological interventions, urograms and other urinary tract contrast media acquisition. General radiographic examinations of the thorax, the pelvic region, the extremities as well as for orthopaedic surgery purposes can easily be performed as well.

Due to its flexible configuration options, the digital Flexavision F3 also meets individual clinical requirements – it can easily be converted from a basic R/F table into a multi-functional R/F examination room.

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