Human Rights

Statement on “Modern Slavery Act“

The “UK Modern Slavery Act 2015”, passed in October 2015, obliges us as a company to write and publish an annual statement on forced labour, child labour and trafficking in human beings. Shimadzu Europa GmbH supports this law and assures to reject all forms of forced labour, human trafficking and child labour.

The “UK Modern Slavery Act 2015” is a law that is consistent with our company's own “Code of Ethics”. It commits us to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, such as the "General Equal Treatment Act" or the "Minimum Wage Payment Act".

The following measures were implemented in the past fiscal year 2020/2021 in order to communicate the ethical and moral values within the company and to ensure compliance with them:

  • Passing on the “Code of Ethics” to and taking note of new employees (m/f/d) before and during the start of work
  • Implementation of global policy to monitor compliance with ethics, compliance and risk management rules.
  • Implementation of in-house training courses for all employees (m/f/d) through e-learning
  • Information and access to the “Code of Ethics” always through (electronic) publication
  • Review of compliance with the “Code of Ethics” through regular meetings of the Ethics Board
  • Regular information of employees (m/f/d) about updated and new occupational health and safety laws
  • Regular monitoring of compliance with the “Minimum Wage Payment Act”
  • Compliance with and regular review of the Corona occupational health and safety regulations of the federal government and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Updating the purchase order information
  • Information to the top 50 suppliers about the contents of the “Modern Slavery Act”
  • Supplier survey and evaluation of compliance with the “Modern Slavery Act” for top 50 suppliers (Analytic)


To ensure compliance with the provisions of the “Minimum Wage Payment Act” in all our trading channels, we continue to demand written confirmation from our suppliers.

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