Opescope Acteno

Mobile C-arm with amazing operability and excellent image quality

Free and easy positioning provides optimal performance to meet the demands of the operating room and emergency room. The overall system ensures both high image quality and ease of use and represents the pinnacle of our evolving OPESCOPE-series.



Amazing operability

The fully counter-balanced C-arm provides extra-light and quick C-arm movements and positioning.

Our exclusive manual C-arm vertical movements realize much quicker height adjustments in your daily work.

C-arm rotation
Up/Down travel
Axial rotation

Doctor handle (option)

Shimadzu's unique C-arm lock/ release button at the image intensifier enabling you to position the C-arm also from the side of the doctor without going back to the cart-unit.

Large C-arm but compact body

The enlarged 78 cm widely open C-arm realizes easy approaches to the patient minimizing the interface with the operating table. On the other hand, the minimized system width of just 80 cm makes it much easier to move through narrow doors or position the unit in the busy operating room with a large number of surgical devices. In addition, the absence of levers and cables on the C-arm makes it easy to wipe and keep clean, which will be a significant advantage from a hygienic point of view.



Imaging and performance technology

The 1M high-resolution CCD camera combined with our advanced imaging technologies provides you with the required high image quality. X-ray conditions can be easily set with a large touchscreen on the C-arm unit, where you can also select / change between simple mode and expert mode. The screen can also show the fluoroscopic images as an optional feature.

Simple Mode

Expert Mode



Advanced dose management

ACTENO incorporates functions to maintain high image quality and reduce X-ray exposure, even during long surgical procedures, such as Pulsed Fluoroscopy, Multi Beam Hardening (MBH) filters, and Virtual Collimation.

Furthermore, the area dose value is calculated and always displayed in real time on the touchscreen and monitor.(option)