RADspeed fit Plus

Ultra compact X-ray unit. Fits your needs for ease of use and convenient operation.

This radiography system integrates ease-of-use features from top-class systems in a simple manner.
The system is equipped with a floating tabletop that can support up to 220 kg patient weight. A detachable grid reduces radiation exposure on patients. Furthermore, large power output, high image quality and simple operability make RADspeed fit Plus an easy-to-use and highly reliable diagnostic system.

Large output power achieves top-class image quality

This system is equipped with a high-voltage generator with a maximum tube current of 500 mA (32 kW type) or 630 mA (56 kW type), which is unprecedented in conventional integrated radiography systems. This provides imaging quality comparable to top-class models, and improves the quality of X-ray image diagnoses.

Simple operation with 432 anatomical programs

Radiography conditions are easily configured, thanks to an anatomical program system. The optimal radiography conditions can be configured quickly by combining the radiography technique with the anatomical position, the radiography direction, and the body thickness.

Wide radiographic coverage through tabletop movement
combined with X-ray tube support

Although the main unit is compact, the tabletop and X-ray tube can be moved freely over a wide range, for very easy positioning.

Electromagnetic lock system offers exact and easy positioning

Thanks to the one-touch electromagnetic lock system making fine adjustments to the radiography position and securing it firmly, positioning is easy and exact. The exposure field lamp lights up automatically during lateral movement of the table top to confirm the positioning.

Pivot-mounted x-ray tube arm supports stretcher or wheelchair examination

The X-ray tube arm can pivot 180° around the support column, so radiography can be performed with a stretcher or wheelchair along the far side of the tabletop. Radiography can be carried out smoothly without moving a patient onto the table top.

DR ready scalable platform

RADspeed fit Plus can be upgraded with a DR-system suited to expansion plans. This system is scalable at any time in accordance with available budgets.