Trinias MiX-Package: Shorter treatment times and less contrast media used

M-GB-15012 | November 5, 2015

Trinias angiography system providing enhanced therapeutic support applications / 3D application, trace mapping function, PCI support application

In the year of its 140th anniversary, Shimadzu, worldwide leading manufacturer of diagnostic imaging equipment, has re­leased the new Trinias MiX package (Minimally invasive eXperience) to support less in­vasive treatments through a variety of applications. The Trinias MiX package is an exten­sion of the Trinias angiography system, which facilitates high-level interventions through proprietary image processing technology. In the year of its 140th anniversary, Shimadzu provides functional enhancements, such as newly developed 3D application, the trace mapping function, and the PCI support application. As a result, shorter treat­ment times are achieved and less contrast media is used.

The 3D application allows the angiography system to be linked to previously ac­quired CT images during the interventional procedure. The trace mapping function au­tomatically extracts and displays only the outline of vessel walls providing a map image for easy device guidance. In addition, the PCI (Percutaneous Coronary Intervention) Support application can display stents in a fixed position in real-time. Furthermore, thanks to the SCORE PRO Advance image-processing engine, the system now can oper­ate at about half the conventional X-ray dose. Together, these support more user-friendly treatment, with less burden on patients.

Minimally invasive procedures

In comparison to invasive surgical procedures, minimally invasive procedures use a catheter (a small tube for medical procedures), which is inserted into a blood vessel through a small incision in the skin. X-ray fluoroscopy is used during the procedure to guide the catheter and deploy devices. Endovascular therapy is less invasive and more patient-friendly and as a result, widely used in the context of a heightened awareness of the Quality of Life (QOL).

Angiography systems must provide high imaging quality and ease of operation to sup­port the practitioner during procedures. It is expected that advances in stents and other endovascular therapeutic devices in recent years, as well as the establishment of various interventional procedures will further reduce the burden on patients.

Features of the New Package

The Trinias MiX-Package functional enhancements cover the following therapeutic sup­port applications:

  1. SCORE Navi + Plus 3D Application interlinked with CT images
    With this application, pre-procedure CT images can be imported to the work­station, enabling an overlay with fluoroscopy, including angular synchronization with the angiography system C-arm. Linking the CT images directly to the treatment images allows a seamless flow from pre-procedural therapeutic design to navigation during the procedure.
  2. SCORE StentView + Plus PCI Support Application improves device detec-tion efficiency
    This is the more advanced version of Shimadzu's proprietary SCORE StentView application to support safe and reliable PCI. In addition to a function allowing stents, which are in constant motion due to heartbeats, to be enhanced and dis¬played in a fixed position in real-time, a new function has been added to config¬ure the region of interest (ROI) from the preceding fluoroscopy image. Narrow¬ing the detection area on the fluoroscopy image dramatically improves the de¬vice detection efficiency, even in procedures using multiple devices, thereby shortening treatment times.
  3. SCORE MAP provides automatic trace mapping for aortic stent grafting
    This newly developed trace mapping function automatically extracts only the outline of vascular walls based on DSA images. Overlaying this with fluoroscopy images dramatically increases the visibility of wires and devices. This is useful in endovascular treatments in the aorta, where contrast concentration uniformity is particularly problematic, while helping to reduce contrast media use. In addition, the mapping region can be narrowed and sketched by the practitioners themselves, supporting more efficient procedures.

Figure 1:Trinias F12 MiX package Floor-Mounted C-Arm Type provides functional enhancements which achieve shorter treatment times and less contrast media.

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